Developing a Proper Email Marketing Strategy

A lot of people have turned to the internet to supplement and in certain situations, even replace their income from traditional employment. Some of them have even started to earn good wealth selling service or products over the internet. There are a lot of marketing models which work online. For the home-based entrepreneur, the cheapest way to begin is selling information services or products by utilizing a proper email marketing strategy.

Tips On Creating an Email Marketing Strategy

  • Try creating a report delivery page. As soon as prospects will choose in to your list they will be redirected to this specific page. Offer a link to the free report so they will be able to download it. Provide a product recommendation for a similar product that you might be selling or an affiliate product within your niche. Some of your new customers will purchase the product provided and offset some of your advertising expenses as well.
  • Try to drive targeted traffic to your main capture page. Use pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, social media marketing, forum posts or banner ads for attracting the interest of your possible future customers from your niche. Measure the responses you will be getting from each and every advertising channel for determining which will be cost effective. Discard the one which will produce poor results and try to scale up your ad spend with those specific channel which will offer good results.

Always ask your subscribers what they will want to learn about. You may do this using forms on your site or by simply sending an email asking for their input. It is recommended that you gather information using the form on your website as they have the freedom to either fill in the form or not. Use their input for helping develop products which address the interest of your customers, then provide those products for sale to your subscribers.

Online marketing plans are written documents which outline your tactics for promoting your business over the internet. Take into consideration that there were more than 2,660,000 people online in North America as of 2011 and planning your small business marketing efforts for the internet is important. A lot of factors are involved when developing a small business marketing plan, and understanding these factors can help you succeed in your marketing efforts.

Market Research

Market research forms the entire basis of all online marketing plans. It helps you understand all there is to know about your market, your competitors as well as the competitive strengths and weaknesses of your company. In developing a social media marketing plan, market research is considered one of the most important factor. Your marketing plan should include a section which will detail all research you have been gathering to date. This research will most likely help you formulate your online marketing objectives which will form the very first section of your plan. For instance, if you discovered that your clients perceive your rates to be a bit high, one of your marketing strategies might be to develop low-cost options for your service or product.

Site Evaluation

When developing a small business marketing plan, another very important aspect to consider is evaluating your site. Making a list of strengths and weaknesses for your site is a very good idea. To be objective, you should also ask a few friends with some web development experience to evaluate it for you. Analyze your web analytic statistics to be able to understand how many visitors visits your website, what keywords users will use, what pages attract the most interest and what are the traffic sources. When developing your internet marketing plan, all these statistics will most likely help you create an effective marketing strategy.


Description of Internet Marketing Jobs

Internet marketing, also being known as SEM (search engine marketing) or e-marketing refers to marketing of a service or a product over the internet. With the affordable cost of social network marketing, it has become an efficient way of generating potential customers to small business owners.

Internet Marketing Consultant

A consultant in internet marketing will build up a business by using the website of a company as a means to provide information of new products, services or news updates and so on. Using business-to-business (B2B) sale methods, an internet marketing consultant will develop the website of a company from scratch and will create an SEO (search engine optimization) plan. An online marketing consultant will improve the image of a company online by utilizing social media platforms such as blogs or social networks.

SEO Consultant

A consultant in search engine optimization, such as a small business marketing consultant, will attract consumers to the website of a company by using SEO techniques. The SEO consultant will use software systems for tracking search engine keywords which visitors use to visit the site. If a company will sell handmade jewelry for France, for instance, the SEO consultant will create a word-list related to jewelry from France, optimizing the chances a certain individual will reach the website of a company when a search for jewelry from France is entered in search engines. An SEO consultant should have great attention to details, keeps up-to-date with new technologies and focus on the needs of the customers.

Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer has knowledge about the current forms of internet communication or the most popular social websites and will tap into all social media platforms for creating an interesting online presence for the individual or business. When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, social media marketers have effectively popularized the image and ideas of Obama through facebook and twitter which reached thousands of voters. A social media marketer will aim to capture a wider audience by using the latest interactive technologies over the internet.

Content Creator

Content creators will usually write articles or posts for the website of a company. A content creation service will gather writers and assigns web content projects. They are also responsible in crafting articles or blog posts which will exhibit the image and the brand of a business.